Been studying hard recently! :D Or how about the past two days only x) Me, jw and Amanda have been meeting at Jurong for the past two days doing extremely productive work. I have never seen myself nor jw study so hard ever. In fact, I think if I keep this up for the next 58 + 30 days, I would have studied more than in my entire lifetime. If I have anything else to say about studying, it shall be that it is one of the most tiring and brain-draining activities, which I feel like I can fall asleep doing it anytime. Other activities which are more physically strenuous never seem to invoke such tiredness in me even though it seems like sitting down the entire day is a much easier job ._.

So to reward myself, I am investing time in a new blogskin tonight! But it'll be up only after As because I still need to take a few photos of me to round up the design, and I think Amanda is only going to help me do that after As. And it's Amanda because she already knows the new layout from breakfast this morning, so if I get her to do it no one else will know what my new blogskin is supposed to look like until it is up ^_^ So yup, look forwards to after 3 Dec! :D