I'm the second one in Singapore to put this on! The first one being my daddy haha. Of course, if I'm not significant enough, which I always believe I am the most important, other people who have done product testing for this includes some Olympians during the London 2012 Olympics and two of the F1 racers. And I say product testing because it is not yet launched anywhere in the world! :D

So anw, this thing is supposed to be Liquid IceTM. And yea it was very cold. I think my poor wrist was freezing when I just put it on;

It's supposedly to cool down the body and slow down heart rate and reduce sweat. It's for people who work out so that they don't tire themselves out too quick. But I wasn't exercising so I really am not sure about whether it works or not.

It's still quite cool anyhow. Oh another cool thing, from tonight on, I'm charging my phone on solar powered battery packs. Save the Earth! ^__^ maybe I should switch to charge my laptop on solar too. I'll see how it goes. Maybe soon enough my whole house will be running on solar O:

I think my life is getting a little too mundane I need to find things to keep myself entertained such as skipping school for a day. Not like I've never done that before, but it's now become a cheap thrill /: last time, if I played truant it'll be because I have something else more important to do like catching up on sleep after having late night outings. But now, after running away, I still end up studying anw. So the thrill is just not having to travel all the way to school =.=

Prelims was not too bad. I made improvements, but if I watched less drama I should have done better. But whatever. Joo Won still the cutest ♥
His latest show Bridal Mask is really awesome. And 炎亚纶 has a new solo album to be released on 19th Oct \(^_^)/ I really really want the preorder gift but I don't think I will be preordering this time due to some personal reasons not associated with money D: