Graduation Day

The cohort of Shining Stars finally got to the day they receive their golden badge (:

Grad Day was bittersweet. When I got to school in the morning it felt so surreal. No, in fact, I was unfeeling about it. But during the concert, I was so touched I sat in my seat and cried. The best moments were when the JH teachers sang our level song for us, and also when they played the video of our batch when we first entered school in Y1. I think that's one of the perks of being in an IP school; there exists enough memories that can make me cry. I don't think I ever heard the school song being sang so loudly except during Mr Sng's farewell.

I don't know if I should be happy or sad that I've graduated. I will celebrate the end of this chapter but I will miss this awesome family, this second home. To my teachers, from whichever year, thank you. I truly mean it. Because in Dunman High, I know the teachers care. Not only for our grades, but for our overall well-being. Even though sometimes I may not show it, I know it and I really really appreciate it. This is not something every teacher can do. Dunman High is also the place where I had my core values put in cast when I was still soft clay that could have been easily manipulated by others. It is a very fortunate thing to have come to this school where they use the mould to shape me into the best I could be, and not use wrong methods and cause me to collapse into dirt. I love my school, and I am proud to say that. I hope that one day, I can be like all the other seniors I have met (even those who have graduated over 10years ago) who really love this place, who are proud to be a Dunmanian, and who are ever-willing to give back.

I have friends from other schools that cannot wait to get out of their school, because they hate that place. Although sometimes we are upset and claim that we cannot wait to graduate, I never ever feel that our eagerness to leave stem from deep hatred. Dunman High is an excellent place where students are mild and tender and loving towards each other and the school. I never regretted my choice.

Anw, I am thankful I attended Grad Day! I know Mr Teo Chor Howe missed us when I noticed he liked all the Grad Day albums on fb. And Lim Zi Yi's fb status was about how much he would like to have attended Grad with us.

Rainbow Cake Pop from Laura and Sijia! 


Finally! Clique polaroids with Amanda :D but no hj ):

Year 1. Cresmic. We entered the Mt Sinai campus for the first time. We are the last batch that had spent two years in Ghim Moh. The Y5s had Y1 in Ghim Moh, but all the other juniors had never experienced travelling all the way to the west on subsidised bus services. Back then, MOELC was just next to our school so getting there took less than a 10min walk. Y1 was also when Clique started. And Clique is the best thing that could ever happen in all my six years. I remember my first tablemates were Jin Zhi and Pearl and next to me was Isaac. Isaac used to be shorter than me haha. And Huijun used to seem tall, because we were all around the same height. But then she didn't grow taller after that XP Y1 Level Camp and our batch was the one and only to spend level camp in school. There was once I woke up in the middle of the night and I realised Pearl and Christine had rolled far far away. It couldn't have been me because I was still sleeping next to our luggage.

Year 2. Our class separated into factions. We were still all friends, but there were good friends and better friends. Jun Kai was an exception. Zhen Ting tried to get him to integrate but he belonged nowhere. Level camp was in St John's Island where people were screaming their heads off over insects. Amanda, Jiamin and I hosted Taiwanese buddies. Then there was a Class Halloween Chalet which wasn't much of Halloween anw.

Year 3. 10 Tanjong Rhu Road. The Malacca Level Camp we never got to, but still wear the shirt as if we've been there. 3H was where I met Celeste again, and we became better friends. Disturbing Lester with Kaiwen was quite fun. Today he reminded me of the Tutsis incident and I smacked him again, because that was not really something I wanted him to remember of me /:

Year 4. Dr Foo. He was the one that helped me remember the school address by his famous line {Welcome back to 10 Tanjong Rhu Road}. 4H was a bonded class. We didn't especially liked anyone more than others but we enjoyed ourselves as an entirety more than Cresmic did. OBS was truly an adventure of a lifetime. I really had a lot of fun there, but please don't send me back again x: I loved the apple crumble Jill (our instructor) cooked for us on the last night there. That year, YEP didn't happen as planned. But I got to go to Silicon Valley with Amanda. It was an absolutely awesome trip.

Year 5. PW was the nightmare of my life. I had never done a project that lasted so long before. But it all paid off when we got an A. House activities like Orientation and Interhouse and Sports Carnival made life more interesting. My CCA was a disaster, my grades were a disaster, but Clique was still always there (:

Year 6. I started learning the importance of studying. But old habits die hard, and I am still learning to cope with my new lifestyle. But my friends in 41 have been really supportive, they encourage me to study and study with me as well. As usual, Clique has been through this journey with me and they have also helped me all the way.

Dunman High. Six years. Wonderful teachers, wonderful friends, wonderful memories. I think what I will miss most will not be special events that made school fun, but the little things which all of us remember so clearly. I will miss Amanda squeezing through the lanes to the front of the row every morning, I will miss long train rides home with Christine, I will miss climbing up four floors with Laura every morning and catching up, I will miss watching the basketball court crowd with people playing ball, I will miss every single thing, because it is the summation of all these that make up a school day. Even though it may seem small, but it is these tiny things in life that we should show gratitude for.

Class of 2012, we've been supporting each other on this marathon. So let us end off this race together on a beautiful note.