My Favourite Crocs in the Whole Wide World

Pearls Before Swine has been my favourite comic strip ever since I was 12. I absolutely love the main characters. Even though the drawings are very simple strokes only, to the extent that they sometimes look like kid drawings, and the colours are usually just single shades and not complicated or anything, the main characters are still so uber cute. I love Pig and his naivety about the world (just like me!) and Rat who thinks he knows everything and the world is full of idiots and Goat and Zebra and Guard Duck. But I don't really like the occasional adhoc characters though. Sometimes they get sooo idiotic I think they should just die.

Now for my favouritest favourite THE CROCODILES :D they are like the most idiotic creatures in the strip but that is what makes them the most cute too! :3 I love how they always come up with weird weird plans to kill the Zeeba Neighba x: