Phone Photos

The photos in my phone are getting excessive so here they are!

First and foremost, must show off my Instagram collection! I really love the photo-editing apps on my phone. They are so user-friendly and they make my pictures look so pretty as well! :D Originals are on the left and the final ones that I uploaded on Instagram are on the right;

Natasha's GC!

The Kraze Burger ZOCard. Top and bottom are the front of the card and the middle is the portion me and Laura were super high about. In the end also didn't go back for the semi-nude ):

I think I deleted the originals for these two pictures alr. But the original for the bear one was a Thai Silk paper bag.

Hot Salted Caramel at Starbucks! :D

Test-tube coloured sand day with Jiawei and Seok and Jeffrey and Wee Min;

Me and Sijia's Pikachu from our Happy Meal after PTP;

Bored little me;

Something I scribbled on Jiamin's book on her birthday;

Me and Sijia doing nails at Etude House;

At the Blueprint Showcase;

The day me, Jiamin and Amanda went to Singapore Arts Festival;

Nails I did for Alicia;

At the Esplanade Library Cafe when I was studying with Yanxin! I was super amused at the stickers on the tables;

Me and Wu Ai's drawing during the communication exercise. Look at Tracy's face hahaha;

What I do to my GC;

Wu Ai's weird weird weird drawing in Kelvin's class;

The really cool and nostalgic cans at the SP exhibition;

At Berrylite;

My super fail yogurt that I tried to make ):

The really cool mirror that looks like a retro TV! It's less than $20 if I don't remember wrongly;

Me drinking ketchup and chilli sauce for lunch x.x