The Making of Clique Grad Day Presents

For Grad Day gifts, I mostly bought stuff, but the Clique got a handmade bag charm from me!

Usually I do not post BTS stuff because most often all my things are strewn all over the floor of my room as I make crafts and it's sooo messy it's not picture-worthy at all /: I had to purposely keep things neat just for the photos >.< And I had to edit the colours of pictures for this post because the metallic colour reflected a lot of light and I had to recolour most pictures to remove the reflection. But to remove the glare was all I wanted to do actually. I didn't purposely make the pictures look nicer, so don't expect the colours to be brighter or more harmonious or anything.

The final piece is actually pretty much different from the original. I came up with the second design while shopping for materials halfway. So alot of stuff that I alr bought became useless and I had to buy new stuffs /: but there ain't much I can do about it when inspiration strikes.


It is after all a bag charm, so it has to be able to hang off a bag.

From this;

To this;

When it is hung on a bag it should look like this;
Omg I think I am so talented! ^_^ even without anything hanging off the bag charm it alr looks so classy! :D

Please don't ask how come I decided to put a strap even though it's like super useless when it's just hanging off a bag, because idk why I decided to do that either ._. And daddy says that thing is super extra and told me to take it off D:

From this;

To this;



And the final final after it's been packaged! :D

My sexiest tablematesYanting. Lixin and Wu Ai got a A4 Typo notebook each. I was too lazy to wrap them, and since they were A4 in size, they ended up in white A4 envelopes x:

20 people got Japanese crackers which I absolutely love ♥ although they didn't get the best flavour. I bought soy sauce flavour for them, my favourite is honey soy sauce after the auntie insisted we taste it. Then I started feeling sad that I didn't buy that instead ):

For all the other people I meet while just walking around the school, there was an entire box of Hershey's Kisses in three flavours (: But it didn't contain my favourite flavour either. I still like the one with the white wrapper and blue stripes best;