Colleen Paints Her Room

Finished the outlines.

Waiting for the paint to dry.

As O Levels had ended, my sister is super free, she started painting the room. That blue colour she has can't be bought anywhere because daddy brought her down to the paint factory and asked the people there to mix the colour for her since she wanted that colour but it was not available in all catalogues. Seriously, if it were me I'd just pick any closest colour I can find.

If you can't see, the mural she did is of all the famous infrastructures of the different countries. I especially like the windmill from Holland because it's round and cute haha. There is one black wall because it's blackboard paint. After the paint dries it is supposed to become very colourful with the chalk drawings she is going to make on them. She already bought a 12-coloured chalk set so that she can draw on the wall.

My room is still a mess with books and notes from A Levels which I will try my best to get rid of on 3 Dec. Then I would have a clean and bright room which of course will become my little craft haven :D

This room used to be a sky blue colour and my sister did all the scrapping and patching and repainting single-handedly, including the white background and the blackboard. Kudos to her, I'd never be so hardworking. I'll just hire someone down to paint, and maybe I'll be nice enough to help with drawing the outlines of the mural cos I'll be scared they draw wrongly. And that'll be it. I might do some painting, but the scrapping of the old wall paint would not be my kind of thing.

Imagine the smell of paint in my house now ._.