Prom Prep :D

I removed the {Notice 16 Oct 2012} cos it no longer holds after this post haha. Yes, I know As is still not over but it's down to the last two MCQ papers alr :D and it's over two weeks. So draggy ._.

Yesterday me and Christine walked from Clarke Quay to Liang Court to Riverside Point back to Central, then from Central to Fort Canning Park to the Supreme Court to Adelphi to Peninsula Plaza to Raffles City. Then to Marina Square and back to Raffles City. And then we stood on the train to Orchard. Then from Ion to Tangs and then to Ion again before going to Taka. Then to Paragon to Mandarin Gallery and back to Taka again. All for the sake of the perfect prom dress. We were on our feet from after lunch all the way until about 7.20pm when we went to stare at shoes haha. And we walked our way around in flats! Not even track shoes.

Anw the perfect prom dress is not the dream dress I saw online. The dream dress won't be shipped on time ): and now that I try to search for it again, it's sold out and taken down DDD:

Our first purchase of the day was lunch. It was a pretty uplifting and nice way to start (: then since we were feeling good, we took many pictures;
This is Liang Court's Christmas deco. When I saw it, I was like {The owl so cute! But it looks so familiar too}. Because it's just like the owls on my Accessorize pencil case ._.

Along the riverside ~

Pretty Clarke Quay :3

Met Wu Ai and Yanting at Central while they were shopping too (:

At MICA's Kindness Gallery. The free bookmark they gave was pretty meaningful (:

See my kindness level sooo high! Such kind souls like me are hard to find heh.

Self-shot outside Fort Canning Park! Not bad right ~

Back at the Christmas tree in Marina Square. It finally opened and it's sooo pretty :3

The pictures got less as we got more tired and our legs became more sore, but we still continued walking. Until we met Miss Lim and Miss Soh shopping together! :D it kind of softened the trip a little (: we stopped to talk to them and Miss Lim recommended us to go to Mango. I think this will be something I'll miss about our school, where the teachers are as bimbo as the students. And everyone can share shopping tips with each other. Especially Miss Chen!

Tangs was a pretty big disappointment, because the clothes collection had become sooo small and lousy ): I still like the Tangs at Vivocity more. But their Christmas trinkets collection made up for everything :D so pretty and so cute :3 and Kikki.k has a bad habit of producing too pretty stuff. And what's worse is that there is a member's only 25% discount happening now. Sometimes, people have to understand that overspending isn't something I can help, if the shops don't help me by cutting down on awesome goodies /:

New achievement: me and Christine walked the whole of Paragon and Mandarin Gallery, every floor and every shop likely to sell dresses, including trying two dresses, in 20mins. Beat that. I think we're too decisive alr. Like means like, don't like means go off.

And then we met Yanting again. She and Wu Ai had made their way to Orchard as well. But Wu Ai had left alr.

Christine actually finally got her dress from the same brand as me, but I got mine at about 3pm and hers was at the end of the day.

At the end of the day, I waited for my bus for 30+mins! That bus is supposedly one that comes every 8-16mins after 7pm (according to the SMRT website). I was super pissed when I had waited for 25mins alr so I decided to call them to ask for my bus and the answering machine picked up to say the office was closed. And it only did so after like it rang 10times? I called twice so I counted the number of rings on the second time. If the answering machine is going to pick up, don't even let the phone ring! Wasted my time waiting for no one to pick up at all. And even worse, it had to ring 10 times! 3 times should be the maximum! GRRR >.< such a mood spoiler.