Saving Money

Intelligent me has theorised that there are three ways of saving money;
1. Be thrifty. I guess everyone knows this. And I know my grandparents know this especially well. Every time I buy something a little bit more expensive they tell me they can buy it at a cheaper price. Of course, to them, quality and brand isn't an issue.
2. Buy expensive things. If someone buys 10 pieces of $5 a box pens which can last 10 months, I can buy a $3 pen which will be able to last just as long. But of course, $3 a pen is much more expensive than $0.50 each. But I saved $2 (: this is on condition that I don't get sick of the pen before 10 months is up and go buy a new one >.<
3. Go for cheap sales. Like today, I went to Chomel's 70% off and the total amount of money I spent isn't even the price of the most expensive item before discount! Imagine if I bought all of them at original price it will be over $100 but now rhodium and precious gems accessories are less than $65!

Of course, it will be best if they all happened at the same time, but I think on me, 2 and 3 works all the time. So don't always say I'm a big spender. You just don't know how much more I'm saving than if I bought things without discounts.

-end of my 歪理 session-