Christmas Under the Stars (with aliens)

Christmas came early for the clique this year! :D it's so rare we actually celebrate Christmas in December. Usually we have it in January.

Weird right? But that's okay (: cos I have the bestest best clique which does the weirdest weird stuff. Like today, we had a picnic at night at Marina Barrage. And Amanda and Huijun even went to google how to have a successful picnic ._. Amanda said all the night picnic activities she found are meant for couples. Then we had some convo about what if we were surrounded by couples and we were destroying the atmosphere by playing our mono deal and scrabble O:

But in the end we also couldn't play cos it was too dark and we were using Amanda's new phone's flash light as a torch, and passing it around trying to keep the light on. Until a UFO started hovering above us O:
That was someone's kite with Christmas lights actually. And there were also two Nemo kites, and one of the kite's tail fell off and Huijun had to run after that person to return him the tail. And she forgot to ask for the chair haha.

So anw, we started our evening buying food at Jason's;

Actually we were planning to cab to the Barrage, but after spending $80 on food and drinks and Martini plastic cups, we decided to take public transport instead.

This photo was taken when we just arrived, looking like aunties with our big bags. And Jiamin was sooo inappropriately dressed.

So we spent our evening on gossip and laughing at each other and making sandwiches and eating chips and drinking coke from Martini plastic cups. And drinking Chinese tea which Huijun made too.

Then as we left, we took a photo of Huijun and her favourite view which was the wrong way around;
Notice the whole pile of picnic stuff behind?

The most fun part was getting lost on the way back to the train station. We were like homeless people on the streets and we even walked along the highway >.< Actually we were supposed to get off one bus stop later, but when Christine asked me whether it was this stop or the next I misinterpreted it as this stop, and hurriedly press the bell to get off.

Whatever rubbish we did tonight didn't matter cos we all had much fun and laughter! :D It's amazing how these people have brought joy to my life for six whole years and we never get tired of each other (: Love you all ♥