Haji Lane

Haji Lane is always a pretty place. But today I chanced upon something even more cute and pretty! :D

See that cute beaver signboard? That's Doinky Doodles. It's a shop along Bali Lane, whch is just next to Haji Lane.

I was at first attracted to the place because of the nice colourful deco at the door;

Then at the top of the stairs;

So cute right! Their signboard so cute, their deco so cute, and they have a cute and kind shopkeeper to boot :D She allowed me to take photos in her store hehe. And I ended up buying a spaghetti singlet which was hand-printed! Then after I left she also emailed me washing instructions for my pretty shirt awww ♥ such great after-sales service too! :D It's such a pity the shop is hidden in such a secluded corner /:

Photos! :D

Then after that I went to visit Jiamin at her job. Or actually I went to borrow Kino card la. So coincidentally she works in Taka haha. But she really looks like OL omg. I wanted to laugh but no time cos she had to go back to her office. Spent $200+ at Kino. Luckily I borrowed jm's card. It saved me $50+.