Loner Shopping Trip

my easiest to wear shoes

Being alone does not mean being lonely. It means being independent and on a journey to to discover myself. What nonsense. I wasn't lonely, but neither was I reflecting. I just wanted to see the new malls and I hardly know people who will travel all around Singapore in a day and are willing to walk as far and as fast as me.

On the day Wu Ai left, I went to walk Plaza Sing's new wing while waiting for the three of them to be done with their movie. And today, I went to Rochester Mall, The Vista Star and JCube.

Out of all of them, I was highly impressed by the Vista Star. Plaza Sing's new wing and JCube were just very typical malls, but at least JCube had the ice-skating rink;
It was supposedly an Olympic-size rink, but from what I see, it ain't very big. And it's quite cute how the walkway leading up to the entrance of the rink is lined with winter clothing stores. Like inside sooo cold need to buy winter jacket haha.

And also JCube has my favouritest furniture store Francfranc!

JCube was designed to be a green mall, but besides the board showing how much energy it has harvested and rainwater collected on the emptiest roof garden, I don't see anything about the mall actively promoting green technology or at least trying to tell its customers about this aspect of its appeal.

On the way to the Vista Star, I lost my way and ended up wandering around Rochester Mall;

When I left the Vista Star to get to Buona Vista MRT, I was sooo amazed at how close to the train station the mall was. How on earth did I even end up at the other side where there was a mall unknown to the world?

Anw, Rochester Mall is a mall that looked huge on the outside but there wasn't much inside. I think it's because the rest of the building are private residences or offices. So the things inside were mostly catered for lifestyle, like food, tuition centres, gym, and a super huge and awesome supermarket! :D
I was standing outside drooling haha.

Even though this is a lifestyle / neighbourhood mall, it is one high-class one. The hairdresser was Toni&Guy, the supermarket was Jason's style, and there was no food court, all restaurants only. And the whole place was air-conditioned. Except for the well-groomed green entrance;

Oh there is Ben & Jerry's over there btw. That's like the most important highlight. I'd love to live in a place that's next to B&J heh. And of course, with such nice greenery greeting me at the entrance everyday (:

But whatever. The Star is still the most important part of today! :D

I love the concept of the whole mall. And it is ultra-huge it even has its own PAC! O: The mall is open-air, except for inside the shops. It's really good because the walkways are all sheltered, so there's not scorching hot sun, and also not too cold from the aircon. And it's natural lighting;

Also, because the stores have aircon but the outside does not, all the shops have the {Press To Enter} button on their glass doors. It looks super sleek, and it also keeps unwanted customers out. Like if I know I am not going in to buy anything, I'll just look from outside and not go in to disturb the person at the counter.

The stores in there are also the slightly higher end, which means they all have themed interiors which I absolutely love to see. Usually the deco is what draws me to the shop, more than what it is really selling. Then after I go in I happen to usually always be able to find something to buy x)

Extremely cute shop called {Nature's Collection}! :3

I like this  restaurant  seafood shack because of the deco, which makes it look so much like a boat. And also, because of the only-inside-have-aircon concept, it makes it even more realistic, like the deck is outdoors and the rooms are indoors! :D

Random pretty walls;

I think I was sooo bimbotic I was practically taking photos of every shop I see. My collection from today has Awfully Chocolate, Rock, The Kitchen, and many many other random pretty shops. It's almost close to 150 shots within The Vista Star alone x.x Hopefully no one was angry with me! >.<

And my fruit juice!
I love fruit juice! ♥ especially when I mix weird weird stuff together. Like today was pear + honeydew. Two weeks ago it was red apple + raspberries. After drinking weird combinations all the time, I have learnt of a few nice fruit juice bars, for example this one at The Vista Star and the one at Somerset 313.

The trick to mixing the fruits well is always call for milkshake. Really. Milkshake makes everything taste all the better :D And try to mix fruits of the same colour, or else complementary colours. Harmonious colours seem to always destroy each other. So not harmonious at all >.<