New Blogskin

OMG MY EYES ARE GOING TO GO BLIND. Seriously, I have to scroll through the entire code to edit all the minute details I feel like killing myself. And when things go wrong right from the photoshop part I restart that area again T____T And I realised while editing that my blog doesn't really appear nicely on phones because the entire text box shifts itself to the left! >.< So please view on computer okay ^^

Yesterday the background was also different because I just changed it again this morning. Thanks to Amanda who said the background looked weird. So I remade it. The old one was only two colours, brown and white. I guess it looked weird because the text box was white as well, which kind of made it blend in together. So yup, bye bye pink blog, and hello colourful one (:
in memory of the old blogskin

But I'm still keeping the favicon because I'm too lazy to make a new one. I remade all the links, the chat box, the background, etc. etc. And I still have the header to go D: I think it'll most likely be completed after prom because then I'll have pretty pictures of me heh. And I was thinking if I should add Christmas trees and trinkets to the background since it is the Christmas season! But that'll have to wait until I complete all the main stuff first.