Prom '12

Finally after six years, I put makeup on my face again. But still, I have never done makeup for myself or anyone else before, and I am still that makeup 白痴. I was pretty nervous when the auntie just started doing my makeup, but the more she did the more I believed I am a 绝世美女. If you don't believe me, this is one of my series of 'wedding' photos in the toilet;
It was in the toilet because the toilet had the best lighting haha.

Christine's such a copycat. She copy me buy same dress brand, then put the same kind of natural soft look makeup as me. Then still bring the same things as me in the bag;

Even her nails were the same until she changed it in the morning. And then she also copy me take pretty photos in the toilet;

Actually it wasn't really a problem since me and Christine were same same but different. It was a bigger problem for Yong Sheng and Weng Wa because they had the same shirt, same tie, same pants too! OMG @.@

Upon arrival, we had a door gift in a pretty bag. It contained a jar of Stickys that had {Prom 12} in them :D so the Prom Comm weren't as cheapskate as I thought them to be, even though my ticket didn't have my name on it haha. We also got a pretty blue rose corsage which Kaiwen did an awesome job in tying for me;
See Kaiwen so talented right! She had to guide me while I was tying it for her /: cos if I tied the ribbon my way, there would either be too much excess, or it'd be lope-sided.

I was pretty glad the temperature in the ballroom was comfortable, I wasn't cold even in my tube (:

The food was better than I expected, but still it could have been better judging by their hotel's standard since it was after all Marina Mandarin. But the waiters did a dance for us which made serving the food fun ^_^

There were games which were kind of not very interesting ._. The weirdest one was picking up the chick. And Wilson got to bring home the chick haha. There was also a mass table games which my table did not participate in. We just sat there and continued eating. My awesome table;
We like 摆喜酒 like that, take this kind of photo.

During one of the interaction breaks where there was no game going on, we decided to take a clique prom photo. Actually I decided to take it, cos I wanted to take our photo while the makeup was still fresh, and I have not yet destroyed the lipstick during the course of my meal.

We asked Kaiwen to go with us to help take the pictures. And we ended taking like close to ten shots for both the camera and Instagram. Sorry Kaiwen XP

Then after that I dedicated roses to everyone in the clique, and the clique gave me a rose back :D

There was also a lucky draw that I won 3rd prize, a $100 Topshop gift card;

I don't really like Topshop. To me, it is just an okay place, but not really somewhere I would buy things from. So when the emcees announced that the 3rd prize was a Topshop voucher,
Me: Why would anyone want...
Emcees: 026
Me: Oh, it is me ah? (not excited at all)
I think that's the trick to getting prizes haha. Cos Eileen also said she was saying why would she want to go for small prizes, she might as well go for the big one. Then ooops, she got called for a small prize.

The 1st prize was a stylus pen. When the emcees announced that the whole world was like {HUH?}. What can anyone do with a stylus pen. Might as well get the other prizes right. So the poor girl went on stage and then the emcees said {the first prize comes with a free gift}. The free gift was an iPad Mini! OMG SO LUCKY >.<

Actually I think our table not bad as well, cos our table had 2 winners out of 15 people! :D

There was also Quirky Prizes. I think the awards were less quirky than the prize itself. Best legs won a pair of socks, best smile won a set of clattering teeth, and most transformed won Transformers toy -.-

Prom King and Prom Queen were Egan and Creshelle. I think Creshelle totally deserves it. But anw they didn't win as big as me, they only got $50 Topshop voucher haha.

Then we went to Prestige;

I didn't have a ticket and this nice guy helped me buy one, and changed it for the complimentary drink and kind of settled everything for a poor fretting me. So nice of him (: a pity I didn't get to take a photo with him, neither with my tickets which I had to surrender /:

I didn't really enjoy post-prom because it started off with them not allowing people without ICs in. Ezlink cards were not allowed /: so only me, Wu Ai, Pearl and Mervyn got in.

Inside, the music was so loud we were practically screaming at each other. And I could feel the vibrations coming from the speakers. On the dance floor, the lights were flickering on and off in all sorts of colours I was going to go blind. I was using my hands to cover my eyes like I was in the sun. And it wasn't a big a place as I imagined it to be, so like if 1000 people really turned up we'll all be standing next to each other no need to move.

But I'm glad I went (: cos at the very least I got experience it once in a safe environment without smoking, without drugs etc. Most people there were JC kids so it wasn't as unsettling as I would imagine it to be if I went on a normal day with less friends.

No more clubs for me, I'd go to classy bars next time. Especially when I find my rich boyfriend, rich husband haha.

Thanks Laura, Jia Yim, Sijia and Dillon for walking me to the taxi stand and waiting with me and Dillon even helped me open the door! So gentlemanly heh (: I feel blessed with such awesome classmates who were worried for me to go to the taxi stand myself.

Thanks Prom Comm. No matter what went wrong and what went right, I think they put in a lot of effort into this. So congratulations it's over (:

Congratulations Class of 2012 as well. We are finally graduated.