The Days Up To Prom

Prom is an event which had an ever-expanding budget. Or should I say it had no budget to begin with ._.

Ticket to an evening in Marina Mandarin: $90
Ticket to Post-Prom Party at Avalon: $25
Dress from Daniel Yam: $116.63
Shoes from Taka: $119.92
Jewellery + Accessories: $100+ (minus all else that I bought for other unforeseen occasions, which is maybe like $75)
Nails: Yet to be done
Makeup + Hair: Yet to be done
All the other things I got distracted by while shopping for prom: $∞

I'm like totally enjoying myself before prom, going to facial, to massage, and manicure too. And even having my makeup and hair done by someone else. Then since I'm out with friends doing these stuff, we go catch a movie etc etc. Hopefully prom itself is an enjoyment too, because at this current moment I am quite upset with the Prom Comm.

Firstly, they have not given us our tickets! I thought they were supposed to issue it to us early so we can feel excited looking at our tickets. I've only got a measly receipt. Maybe they want to print the exact number of tickets so as to save printing costs. But if they want to do that, they'd better make sure my name is printed on that ticket too okay. If not, it is not necessary to print exact. One or two more pieces wouldn't kill the budget.

And second, they put Shen Hao at our table! Not that I've got anything against him, but I thought they should at least ask our Table I/C first. Kaiwen didn't even know about it.

Lastly, we have to fight for tables which are rightfully ours. So you tell us this morning that the Google Docs is to be opened at 10pm, and you expect all of us to be at home at 10pm to wait for the thing to be opened? Do understand that most of the people (except us, the poor bio students) have already ended As and are out to get their lives back. Why should they still be home at 10pm facing the computer?

And then after the fight is over, we are told that the Prom Comm has decided to draw lots instead. I would of course prefer the method of drawing lots over fighting on Google Docs, but I still want my original Table 11 back >.< I think those who were hard at work looking for table partners early and thus got good seats should be rewarded. Because these are the people who were early at confirming their attendance at prom. These were the people who did not have to be begged to attend prom. So why should they be subjected to such a game of chance after they were told that they could get good seats if they confirmed early? Also, some people like to seat right up close to the stage, while others like to seat in a more secluded area. Why should the Prom Comm decide for them where their preference lies?

I'm more excited about the prep up to prom then Prom itself. And I've been very respectful to the Prom Comm already, at least I bothered to capitalise the initials. I could have just left them as {the prom comm}. Well, at least they managed to generate some cute comments on Twitter which I enjoyed listening to as Christine read them out.

Time to go to bed now, it's a busy week ahead starting with Bio P1 later. The last paper! \(^_^)/ Then I will be all out to enjoy my well-deserved break. In fact, I think I will be busier after As with my long list of things to do. What an irony heh.