Why Essence is Better Than Perfume

Pure essence is the oil derived from flowers. It is called an oil, but it is not oily, so there is no worry that applying it will make the face look too shiny or the oil will be transferred to other stuff that is touched by the hands which handled the oils.

Perfume is water + alcohol + essence. Since water and alcohol do not have smells, perfumes smell exactly like the essence they are made from. But the smell is less strong since it has been diluted. For those who prefer a lighter smell, it is the equivalent of adding a few drops of essence to a cup of boiled water. And doing it at home is much much cheaper than buying it already mixed with water.

And since perfumes have alcohol, they evaporate real easily. Essences are very highly concentrated so that it will not depreciate in volume when exposed to air across long periods of time. Therefore, essences are much easier to keep.

Also, because of the less concentration in perfumes, when used to make a person smell nice, perfumes only last for about 5 hours but essences last for 12 hours before the smell wears off.

Essences have many more uses than perfumes. Because most plants have medicinal properties, heating up essences brings out the medical effect of the plants. But heating perfume means it will all evaporate and disappear into thin air.

Some other things that essence can do besides making the person smell good include applying it over shaved skin for soothing the skin, massage and aroma therapy, adding it into the washer to make the clothes smell nice or the tub to make the person smell nice etc. Depending on the different flowers mixed into the essence, there are many different healing effects which can be derived. For example, lavender essence in boiled water can be inhaled to calm the nerves and aloe vera essence when applied on the face can strengthen collagen fibres.

Lastly, essences do not contain unnatural chemicals which may harm the body.

Yayee essences \(^_^)/