Amanda + Huijun Birthday Dinner

Without any birthday song or birthday atmosphere at all ._.

When I met hj outside F21, she had just came from shopping with her friends. The first sentence she said to me was {I walk until back ache alr}. I said {Not your legs meh?} and she replied {They are connected}. Then was spouting nonsense time together with hj until jm came where hj said even more nonsense stuff.

Then we moved around the building looking for hj's dress because she had wanted to buy a dress but after a whole day of shopping, she only bought a lot of pants ._.

We met Christine and while hj was at the toilet, we called Amanda to ask her to go to somewhere near the Apple store so we could wave from above. And Amanda said {Huh I don't see anywhere that sells fruits!} OMG I SERIOUSLY LOVE MY CLIQUE BEYOND MEASURE ❤

Our dinner was Everything With Fries because we were on a budget meal. We all bought the $9.90 set meal which has a burger, a drink and fries;
There were 5 fries flavours so we each bought a different flavour. So just nice! :D

Oh and they had a pretty pastel pink cup which I liked;

Tonight we mostly talked about their new jobs and  scandals  current affairs. So learned right! And also who had nice hair colour and about going to Beijing so that hj gets to see ghosts she wants to see but is afraid to see as well =.=

Then we went downstairs to watch jm eat her matcha ice cream, but because it was good, we all ended up buying one each;

Mine came in a cup because the person totally fail at making the cone T___T and hj made a mess out of the ice cream while trying to maintain her image.

After desserts, we went to B2 just so that I could look at the pretty Mediterranean decor of the place (: then there was nothing much to do so we walked all over the building looking at closed shops until we realised there was a carnival being held on the ground floor! The carnival had a very sweet theme of pink and apples! :3

We walked around touching everything but buying nothing as usual. And the nail polish was super cheap. $10 - $12 for OPI. We walked from one end to the next and then we told hj to pretend that's the flea we planned to go, because clique and fleas never seem to be fated ):