Baking Red Velvet Cupcakes

Our resort-feel photo on my roof with the zilian tripod at work again! Ultimate love ♥♥♥ I think I will edit this photo to make it even prettier (:

Another fail clique day today! :D But no matter how fail we are we still had fun and most importantly, our cupcakes were a success! ^________^
this photo explains everything ♥

Today we were grouped into Jiamin + Kellie and Amanda + Huijun to see who would have the most achievements. We were saying that if Christine was here, she'll be her own group and own us all haha. And Huijun's only successes were like beating two eggs and pouring out one teaspoon of baking powder -.- Jiamin was the dryer cos she was wiping all the things dry. Yayee Team Jiamin + Kellie! \(^_^)/

FAILURE #1: We started out with a shopping cart alr more than half-full even before the trip started;

And then while we were walking out of NTUC we were pushing an empty cart because we were carrying all the stuff on our hands -.-

FAILURE #2: Things kept spilling everywhere! Like Jiamin spraying the flour straight at Amanda's face and Huijun pouring the batter all over the tray instead of into the cups;

FAILURE #3: The electric whisk Huijun brought stopped working and we had to stir the stuff with our hands instead;

this photo is trying to show that we have a whisk but don't use it

But Amanda was really strong! She could stir the batter until all the sugar melted, which was pretty tough because we were using course sugar. And Huijun kept dropping the spoon in;

FAILURE #4: The icing was crunchy. Because I insisted on buying coarse sugar so the sugar could not dissolve into the icing no matter how hard Amanda stirred;
see the sugar bits.

FAILURE #5: The oven kept tripping the electricity in the house. So we couldn't use it, and me and Amanda ended up at my aunt's house to use their oven.

FAILURE #6: Amanda does't know how to squeeze the icing.

This is the professional me;

And this is what Amanda produced;
And she insists that it's because she is being generous.

But other than that, all was good and fun! :D