Because part of our destiny is to know ourselves

This was from a long time ago, like while we were prepping for my grandparent's golden jubilee. I folded almost 300 roses and packaged them into bouquets of ten all in one night! O: it's in tens to 祝福十全十美的爱情 ❤

So here's how!

First to slice the foam into strips of 2.5cm, and fold the roses. Idk how to take pictures of folding the roses so please google it. Then after folding put in the stalk and seal it with the special tape. Then of course the stalks would be too thin to hold themselves up, so before wrapping them with the wrapping paper, strengthen it by wrapping the stalks with scrunched newspaper first. Then add ribbons and there it is! :D Usually I like to use two different layers of wrapping paper and two different ribbons for more feel and contrast.

This one is from way back in 2009 / 2010. It's the first ever bouquet I completed independently :D

The only bouquets I've ever received are from myself, all handmade from scratch -.- so the next one who wants to 告白 to me please buy a bouquet. And please find out what flowers I like first as well. I might consider you harder than those I've rejected 8)