BHB Dinner

阿公 and 阿嬷 better come for the next outing hor! So long never see you all le D:

Tonight was yet another amazing evening out with the Bunnies! I don't think there is any L1 group that is as close as us ever!

At first cos I was planning for everyone to be late, I went to Bras Basah to get craft materials at about 5.45pm, since the meeting time was 6pm at Bugis. Then it rained and I was trapped in NLB T___T

Ade and Jiayun came to my rescue and we had dinner at Social Sin, where the old Lenas used to be. The food is not bad, and it was quite reasonably priced too. But the coke was $4 O: I know it's a restaurant, but I was expecting it to be at most $3 /:

My dinner was an all-day breakfast which looked super appetising!
I think the photo does it no justice at all /:

Then Wilson came and we went to Bugis Street where me and Wilson were shopping kakis for a little while until we decided to go have dessert.

We went to Dessert First which is within the street with lots of steamboat. It's not as popular as the other one called Ah Chiew Dessert, but I loved the 密瓜西米露 because the milk was thick enough :D

Ade and Jiayun's 杏仁糊 was very thick and nice too (:

Then Shiyong came and we went to Starbucks where we spent the whole time until 10+pm reenacting events, situations and experiences about other leaders and some volunteers. Or actually why not just say we were gossiping about them haha.

The four of them seem to keep encouraging me to join YPC this year. It sounds fun sometimes, but at other times the stories they tell sound scary. I need to think hard. Although I can be absolutely sure when I say I can commit a lot of time, which I think is what they need. Whatever. I shall think again when the time comes.