Campfire in the Rain

It's been exactly a month and a week since I last went back to school. I went back this evening because of the SH Orientation Campfire with the 6C41 peeps. And while we were hiding under the shelter in the canteen, the students really did go out to the field to start a fire on the damp grass. Idk how it went, but I just thought it was quite weird. And all the seats at the grandstand were wet and all, poor juniors.

All the Drakon classes of 2012 were having a gathering in the canteen. Although it was not full attendance for any class, but at least better than the houses which didn't even have class gatherings XP GO DRAKON WARRIORS! ^_^

We ordered pizza;
And the guys were so ungentlemanly that they made the girls carry the food HMPH.

Then cos there was leftover catered food, we went over to steal the stuff as usual (:
Crystal was crazy. She took the entire box of chilli O:

The guys who weren't afraid to eat cold food got a free dinner, cos there was leftover rice, veggies, drumsticks etc. Just enough for a good filling meal.

Before I left, we wanted a group photo, so we asked Deon to help and this was what happened;

OMG TOTALLY SPAMMM >.< we thought he was taking one photo so we didn't really move much. Except for me who laughed but the pictures look much more like I was sneezing /:

And I found a partner in doing nothing at all! And she is...
But she's really much sadder cos even though both of us have no jobs, I learn driving, I go explore Singapore alone etc, but she literally sits at home all day! D: next time I go out I shall call her, if not it's so boring sitting at home. But I think that's cos she minds going out alone, which I can absolutely live with.