While I was shopping I finally figured out why every shopping trip is an ordeal fraught with hundreds of dollars, sometimes even going up to four-digits, and I do remember once when it hit five-digits. It may have something to do with me being a spendthrift, not looking at the price tag before I put it onto the counter for my parents to pay. But that may only be about 10% of the problem. There are more fundamental problems that cannot be corrected by putting my eyes on the price before I pay.

The first problem is that I look good in everything. I can't help it that I'm pretty, and I 不甘心 to not at least give the clothes a try. In the end I buy it ._. Second problem is my taste is too good alr. Some people have a special talent to pick the cheapest things in the store, but I have no such talent. On average, all the things I put my hand on exceed $100 >.< The final problem that has nothing at all to do with me, is my mom. When my sister says let's go to vivo to buy a shirt, my mom says {vivo so crowded, let's go MBS instead}. Soon enough, I think the people will have to bring the shop to our house haha.

City Hunter is playing on Channel U now. I watched it about two years back when it was broadcasting in Korea alr, but idk why my eyes are glued to the TV screen when I am rewatching it dubbed in Mandarin, especially when I think Lee Min Ho sounds much better in his own voice! >.<

I'm thinking if I should finish watching Rooftop Prince, since I am kind of like running out of shows to watch currently. I didn't really like Rooftop Prince after the first few episodes, so I gave up on that show completely. In fact, out of the three Korean time travel shows last year, I thought Rooftop Prince was the worst. But now I'm considering finishing it. WHAT WAS I DOING WATCHING DRAMA WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING FOR A-LEVELS RIGHT?!

End-of-Season Winter sale ends today, but I'm guessing that next weekend, being the 12th of Jan, less than one month to CNY, will be part of the CNY Sale. Singapore is a never-ending sale marathon, idk if paying for the normal price is cheating me of money ._. Maybe paying normal price has the perks of being the first to wear it, but if I can save 50%, I think I can wait.

I know in Europe, sales only happen in summer and winter, so that's the crazy rush, while the rest of the year fashion is mostly driven by tourists. Like those tourists from Singapore, who think everything out there is cheaper even without the sales. And in America, go to outlets. Me and Amanda had an awesome time there :D though maybe I was having a great time, and Amanda was the kaki haha.

Last thing, I still don't really enjoy Mr Bean 豆奶, but I absolutely love the pretty Mr Bean outlet at NUH! And the cute bean plushies too :D