Earring Organiser

Yayee for DIY projects when manufacturers don't understand what I want (:

Finally I can see my earrings in pairs! My costume jewellery earrings are kept in a box mixed altogether and if I wanted to find one side I had to empty the entire box T__T and most of the time, I'm too lazy to even start thinking about what earrings I have and then dig for it so I end up wearing my precious gems one cos they are neatly arranged and easy to view in one of those pretty wooden boxes lined with felt (:

This is real simple, it's just a photo frame, some wire gauze and some uhu glue;
please ignore my sister's face

Then you'll get this;

And it's under $20 (excluding the earrings)! Well, technically it depends on how much your frame costs too. Mine's a $14 frame from Art Friend.

Now I need to go look for other ideas on how to organise my earrings cos this did not even clear one-quarter of the box! >.<