Fun! :D

In the morning I went with Nobelle to Evolve. We just happened to sign up at almost the same time, and we were both learning jujitsu! So we went to class together and we totally cui together. Because both of us are about the same size and weight, and both quite new, we were more like struggling with each other not using technique but using sheer brute strength, which wasn't very much anw. It was quite funny how no one knows we purposely came to class together and that we knew each other alr x) then after lunch Belle stayed on for Muay Thai but I left first.

During lunch I bought this stamp set which cost $15! ^_^ but I had to stick the stuff onto the blocks myself;

Not bad though, cos there were four stamp colours and some additional punctuation marks. I saw a similar set but with only one stamp colour for $25 at Far East before. So for saving $10 and having three extra stamp colours it's alright to stick them on myself I think. Belle bought pretty cottage-style utensils for food photography on her blog.

And clique went to flea today! Like finally finally. Actually it was only Amanda, Jiamin and Huijun who went. I met them at Ion after their *scape trip when I finished lunch with Nobelle which was after my bag containing my Gi broke ._. So I ended up carrying an ugly plastic bag the whole time and even into MBS D: luckily my parents alr bought stuff when I met them so I hid my plastic bag into their paper bags.

The clique went to Starbucks to share a cake from Amanda's Starbucks card. But because the free cake has to come with a drink purchase, I took out my free drink voucher from my Christmas tumbler to "buy" the drink and so we got a free drink and a free cake to share ^_^

Then we left cos I was shopping at MBS with my family, Jiamin was accompanying her mom to Ikea to buy jam, and Amanda and Huijun had dinner at home. Today's outing was short because the main point was to pass the cupcakes to them, which Huijun ate hers halfway and kept it in the box, being disgusting as usual.

At night I went to Chinatown with my family to walk to soak up the CNY atmosphere;

I saw the lantern snake which was too long to see from the front to the end all at once O: there were also many many snake plushies because of 蛇年. They were quite cute except for one flaw, they all have a tongue sticking out which I would prefer if it was cut off. Doesn't it feel so rude to have the tongue sticking out all the time? And so many of it at once some more. But I did see the perfect snake ceramic on display at Kids 21. It was super cute and not for sale ):