2012 has came and passed. It was an eventful year, but towards the end of the year it got down to study, and study hard, and study harder as the dates moved closer to As. I finally turned 18, I finally graduated from the second academic phase of my life and I finally took the first step towards studying in the UK. So please now, everyone pray hard that my application will be accepted by Warwick and they will let me study Law and Sociology there! >.<

In 2012 I got to know many awesome people and got to better know people whom I've already known. This year could not have passed without the help of many people, so I want to thank many many of them. Firstly, thanks Sijia and Wu Ai for always being there when I didn't score so well. Thanks Laura and Jiayim for always being so encouraging (: Thanks Kaiwen and Eileen for all the mornings I spent sleeping. Thanks Nobelle for my testimonial and personal statement. I think it is the best it can be (: thanks to all the teachers who have been guiding me. Thanks to the awesome clique for yet another wonderful year together. Thanks to everyone else for all the little things in life that may not mean much to you, but you still shared your ideas, your thoughts, and your feelings with me. Thank you for everything you have given to me and done for me, I truly appreciate it ♥ Special thanks to my parents for their unconditional support in everything I do, and I know I get much more freedom to do as I wish as compared to many of my friends, and I get more funding than many as well. 

My new year resolution is to spend less on taxi fares, so I shall leave the house early for appointments and stop using {I feel lazy...} as an excuse to hop onto a cab. Also, I shall work harder when I get into university, and no longer be the one to not do my work and be addicted to the TV screen all day long.

This evening, I was planning to countdown with the 没有睡 group, but because of the poor weather conditions, the rest stayed at MBS to watch the fireworks while I went home to countdown with my family as we enjoyed ice-cream (: 

Dinner was 包今天 in Marina Square;

Belle was sooo happy with the 流沙包 she took so many photos of it! She even got Deryk to open up the bun and her shutter was going off at high speeds to capture the entire process of the opening of the bun O: I think she will blog about it soon, so be sure to check out her super cool food blog! :D She's really a talented cook and she has great tastebuds too (:

Then we started to recce the area for a place the rest could spend the night. After walking to somewhere which was closed, we finally decided on a spot along the Singapore River, with a great view of the Merlion and hopefully they saw pretty fireworks when the clock stroke midnight. I don't know how the view was like, but I hope to see pretty pictures on fb soon! It was also good that Belle brought picnic mats because the floor was wet. And to chope extra space for those who were coming later, we put shoes;

There was only the four of us, and Seok and Yuhui. I wanted to wait for Aaron to come before I leave, but we were not fated, so I went home anw. But before I left, the six of us were being blinded by Seok's polaroid camera and my camera with the zilian tripod.

Yup. Great last evening of 2012! :D