M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2013: Fluid Piano | Piano + Laptop Live

Me and Christine put on our dresses to attend the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2013: Fluid Piano | Piano + Laptop Live concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio today. It's my first Fringe event ever! I always thought going to the Fringe was classy and all, so I finally got my turn hehe. I almost wore a similar dress to Christine's except hers was white and mine was green, until my mom insisted that I had to wear long sleeves because of the wet weather, so I ended up wearing something different.

I was right about the Fringe being a classy event, a little bit too much so until we thought we were being quite bimbotic, especially since we were sitting next to someone holding a professional Concert Review Template while we were busy being on instagram O: We should have brought Amanda and Hj along to make ourselves appear more cultured haha x) But on the other side, the person next to me kept using his phone during the concert it became very irritating! And he tilts it at an angle that it shines right into my eyes >.<

There were two performances, both by japanese pianists, who were both very good in what they were doing. The first one was an improvisation performance by Kyo Ichinose. At the start I told Christine I should do a Concert Review too like the lady beside her, but then during the concert I realised that she would understand the music so much better than us, and she would know the song titles too /: So we were totally FAIL T___T I liked the last piece he played though, the one called {I Am Here}. And he's so cute he even had to ask us if he could play the piano haha. He must have been really tense.

The second performance is Teruyuki Nobuchika. Me and Christine both liked his performance better because it incorporated other stuff rather than just the piano alone. And he played faster music too. But because he had so many things going on at the same time, sometimes it got a little confusing and messy to me. In fact, it got confusing for everyone that no one knew when his pieces ended so there was no applause until he ended the entire performance, which I felt sad for him awww ): And sometimes the sounds he set from his laptop is a little too loud it becomes more like it is the main sounds, and his piano is the 配乐, which should not be the case for certain pieces.

My favourite piece was the laptop piece, without the piano because of the many different sounds blended and distorted together it was so fun! And there was another one from a French movie, one of those art films I never understood. But he was playing the background music for the piece as the dialog was going on. His timing is really good! :D

Idk why some people walked out halfway, because I think it is very rude. This is a Fringe concert, and there is a reason for a fringe festival to be held. When they bought the tickets to this concert, they should have alr expected that it may not be something they enjoy, because fringe art is not something everyone can appreciate. If it was, it would have been called pop art. So if they know it is not something they may like when they bought the ticket, they should see it through and not walk off. And the lady who ate a sweet during the concert, seriously? o.o

Even though me and Christine were not appreciators of such art, I really think these two artists are truly great because they both play improvisation music, which means it will never be the same at any two performances. Their understanding of the instruments and imagination is really powerful, I salute them for that!

Check out instagram for the pictures, and see Christine's well-edited piano. I need to download her app now! >.<