Magazine Envelopes

I saw this tutorial on Stumble Upon and I thought it was a genius idea! So I decided to replicate it for future use. Problem is, I think my room now contains too many things for future use, all of which I imagined I would use at the time of purchase / making /: but still, they turned out not bad! :D

These magazine envelopes are really easy to make and they don't require much efforts either. And there is no need to specially purchase anything to do this.

The materials;

First, select pretty pages which are good enough for the front of the envelope. I picked the cute snowman;

Open up the envelope and position it such that the pretty picture will be in the front of the envelope when it is completed. Then make an outline to cut along;

Fold the cut-out together with the envelope;

Finally, glue the bottom flap with the side flaps just like how the envelope was originally glued together. And there it is! :D

But then cos magazine pages are always so full and there doesn't seem to be a place to write the addresses, I found some white stickers to paste them on the front;

Of course, if the envelopes alr contain stuff, I could have used the stickers to seal the envelope and write the addresses on the back so as not to destroy the pretty images in front. Or maybe if I knew who was the recipient I could print the addresses on the stickers so as not to spoil it with my handwriting. Or maybe instead of white stickers, coloured paper and glue would stand out more.

So yup. Anyone wants the envelopes or anyone wants a heartfelt letter from me? Cos besides keeping these in my drawer idk what else to do with them alr haha.