Straight Hair! :D

The awesome hair stylist at Kobayashi did this to my hair!

It's a miracle my hair is straight for once! :D OMG I WAS SUPER ELATED x) though it's not going to last but mommy is seriously considering letting me do rebonding now. Although she still thinks it's going to destroy my hair. And if she lets me destroy it then I might as well tell her to let me colour my hair too right, since it is destroyed alr haha.

After my hair was straight I couldn't stop looking myself into the mirror nor stop touching my hair. And Wu Ai said I looked more mature in straight hair too (: But I'm not sure if this is really what I want because I may feel novel about having straight hair for a couple of days, but what if I suddenly want my natural waves back? /:

The first people to see the hair was Concourse. Because we had dinner at Chomp Chomp and desserts at some nearby place with a strong durian smell;

Ping Hui and Mad disappointed us again tonight ): I haven't seen Mad for a long time alr! At least I saw Ping Hui during the last Chomp Chomp outing which I was stuck in Serangoon MRT and during NDP12.

So when me, Lili, Deryk and Sheam met at the train station, we decided not to wait for the rest and went straight ahead without Ade and Tsing Xiu. It was lucky we arrived early and got seats immediately, cos when we left there were so many people standing around! D: The same was for the desserts store which Ade and Tsing Xiu claimed the durian desserts there were awesome but I don't like durian so me and Lili shared a Mango Pomelo which was 人气排行榜 #2. It was pretty good, the sauce wasn't too sticky or sweet, 吃了不会腻. Ade said that it was a "fat die us" kind of evening but I'm kind of hungry again now ._.

Tonight I tried eating stingray cos Deryk said I could eat the sides which were not covered in chilli. But the stingray still stung my tongue hard. I couldn't really taste the stingray amidst my chocking on the spiciness of the chilli that had alr been scrapped off. It must have been really spicy because even those people who eat chilli said that the chilli sauces tonight were really spicy.

The Old Man's fried rice made up for a lot of the fun and laughter this evening. Because we were discriminating choosing 鸡丁炒饭 and 咸鱼炒饭. I can't really remember a lot of the nonsense, but Deryk gave awesome tw tips hehe ^_^