The Newly-Rich

I'm not trying to be mean or evil or despising anyone here. I'm just stating what I have experienced as my own opinion. Not to offend. And anw, I'm not very rich either, I'm the forever broke person living on my street.

So anw, I have a new neighbour. During one of those neighbourhood community gatherings (which I never attend), that guy and his wife said that they used to live in a HDB and they have been saving up and now that he got promoted and a pay rise, they have decided to buy their own property. In other words, they are what most people would classify as the {newly-rich}.

Today, as I was out buying lunch, I saw his car being held up by another car parked along the roadside. Firstly, the roads in our estate are really narrow, and only have two lanes, so during busy hours like weekend lunchtime traffic is generally slow there. Secondly, the car was not parked in the wrong place. It just happens to be a more crowded hour. But the new neighbours, which from henceforth shall be known as Couple A, got off their car and waited for the other car owner Mr B to come back. The moment he came out of the shop with the lunch he bought, Mr and Mrs A started hurling vulgarities at him! O: Mr A was like {OI! A**HOLE!} as if Mr B doesn't have a name. Then he continued with {YOUR DAMNED CAR IS BLOCKING THE BLOODY ROAD! F*** OFF! }

I was totally shocked omg. How can anyone be so crude! D: and really it's not Mr B's fault. Usually if our family drives out for lunch at that hour we would have to wait in line to get out of the estate too. It's just a way of life here. This is about basic courtesy, not about being bossy and vulgar to get your way.

And for the newly-rich couple, if you think being rich means you can scold people in any way you want, then you're totally wrong. I do agree that in TV shows the rich are always scolding their subordinates and their housekeepers, but that's cos they pay their subordinates and their housekeepers! So if they do something wrong, they can scold them. And if they can't take it they can quit their jobs. But did you pay Mr B to get scolded? And also, rich people pride themselves as cultured and poised people. Even if they are angry, they try to pretend they are very patient people and they don't use vulgarities so freely. You're just displaying to the world how uncouth you are. And how can a lady like Mrs A have so much dirt coming out of her mouth. Oh but that actually makes them an angsty match made in heaven hehe.

Also, that day I was walking by Burberry. The customers of these kind of high-end shops buy things without bothering about the price. They know it's very expensive. But they will still pick their favourite before finding out the price at the counter.

Anw back to inside the Burberry. I heard someone ask the sales assistant {Where's the price tag?} and immediately I judged that lady was a newly-rich. Because she is still so concerned about the price before purchasing haha.

I'm just saying, if you want to change your lifestyle to show off your wealth status, not only do you change your outwardly appearance, you should learn the culture, mindset and behaviour too. If not it's just 东施效颦. I'd rather you continue with your own lifestyle and be yourself.