6C41 Outing

The outing yesterday was relatively successful I guess, with about 13 people out of 25. And even Wu Ai who has moved back to Taiwan attended the outing! :D Her brother is also moving back to Taiwan alr, to attend some super prestigious and expensive school. I feel sad that I may not be able to see her much anymore, but I'm quite happy also, since it has always been her wish to live with her family again (:

Dinner was Café Cartel at Marina Square. The waiters there were a little daft. When Wu Ai asked for one more chair, he heard it as serve all warm water. When ordering the food, we ordered chicken and the person immediately echoed chicken. But when repeating the order it suddenly became seafood. And they did some other quite funny things as well.

The food wasn't all that good either. The pasta was too dry and the baked rice did not seem like it did go into the oven at all. So in the end me and Wu Ai went hungry because we did not like our meals and only ate like a quarter of our food.

During dinner, me, Jiayim, Jia Min and Sylvia were laughing at Wu Ai's taste in celebrities. She said the leader of Infinite was cute and no one agreed. The dog he adopted was cuter heh x) Jiayim had better taste in her choice of cute Infinite guys ^_^

Then we went on to talk about why everyone is going to Taiwan, Taiwan and Korean dramas and music, etc. But seriously, why does everyone who is going out with their friends go to Taiwan?! Such copycats. Me and Jiawei had been planning our trip since 2011, hoping to have gone that December, but it has been pushed back to this year due to multiple mishaps, so we couldn't have been copying them >.<

After dinner, we had a long struggle about where to go next. Hoe Shuen wanted a bar or a club because he has not yet been there. But after all the hullabaloo, we ended up on the grass patch outside McDonald's and Starbucks, facing the Floating Platform;

We had a round robin game of the likeable type of girls / guys. I said I like a certain kind of dressing, and Hoe Shuen kept saying that I look at the appearance of a guy more than the personality. No okay. If I like that guy then I'll make him dress my style hahaha. So personality still comes first, dress sense can be changed and groomed over time.

Side note, even though I forgot to say this last night, I hate guys who whistle at me. I would gladly take a compliment, but NO WHISTLING. This is the number one way to 扣分 for yourself. Every time someone does that I feel like slapping that guy in the face or gouging his eyes out. But I remain poised and pretend nothing happened because I know I have more class than to stoop to that kind of level. I can't help it if I am a 绝世美女 because that was the way I was born to look, but since they can help it they should choose to keep their mouths shut. I suddenly remember this because some idiot whistled at me again yesterday, and I gave him the death stare x.x