Clique 团圆

This is the first time Clique has ever celebrated CNY together. And Christine was not here >.< She hasn't been here for the past three outings alr (or was it more?). Amanda says, cannot 重色轻友. And anw he has to accept your best friends, so you should just bring him along next time we have outing.

For our first ever 团圆饭, we decided to go to Chinatown to soak in the CNY spirit, and to get squeezed with everyone else. But it was actually not too bad, cos it was less crowded than I had expected. Less crowded than when I went on the eve of CNY last year.

Yesterday was a really busy day for me. In the morning I went to collect Wu Ai's 侨生联考考古题, then I went to collect my mom's clothes because she had it altered, then I went for BJJ where I met Wu and Theresa again (: Then I rushed down to Joie Makeup Bar and then to the Parliament House to listen to the Population White Paper debate, then finally to meet the Clique.

Because it was raining so heavily, I decided to take a cab to the Parliament house. Then from the moment I got on the cab the driver kept scolding me non-stop. 真是莫名其妙. He scolded me for going out right before CNY and not staying at home to help clean up, he scolded me for wasting money on taking cab, he scolded me for causing him to be stuck in the jam. What is his issue?! He didn't even give me a chance to say that my house is alr cleaned, and that taking cab in the rain is not called a waste of money, it's convenience, and it's not like I'm not paying for being in the cab in a jam what.

In the Parliament House, I saw Jia Qing sitting at the opposite side haha. I think he didn't see me because I was sitting right at the back row. I was just in time for PM Lee and DPM Teo to speak. DPM Teo said {Madam Speaker, sir} and everyone laughed. And the Speaker repeated a sentence about adjourning the meeting to another day like five or six times because she kept getting it wrong! It was quite funny haha.

Me and jm were the earliest, and hj was the last. Amanda was not too late. But Amanda and jm were both broke because both the POSB ATMs at the train station were under maintenance XP Luckily I use UOB.

We had dinner at the Chinatown Food Street;

The carrot cake was super salty omg.

Then we went to squeeze in the Night Market lanes;

And we kept trying the food too;

Amanda says the Japanese mushrooms were quite good. I didn't try it though, cos I don't really like shitake mushrooms in the first place.

Then we went to visit the 佛牙寺 which was closed by the time we got there, so we stood outside taking pictures;

Huijun said we are like more touristy than the tourists. Which is super true hahaha.

Then cos the Chinese temple was closed, we decided to visit the Hindu temple instead, which we knew was open because we walked by it to get to the Chinese temple. Then when we reached the door, the people were closing the place ._. So there was no temple visits for us ):

Then we heard some people singing birthday songs and hj was like {WRONG SONG}!

Then me and jm wanted to go home because I was really tired after a whole day of activity, while jm was having shoe problems. Then for the first time, it was Amanda and hj who were asking us to continue having fun O.O hj and jm ended up counting down to CNY Eve in the train hahaha. I love us doing nonsense ♥