First CNY Steamboat of 2013

Me and Belle finally took a photo of both of us in our Gi at Evolve! ^_^ Still waiting for her to upload the photos though ~ We had one pose with both of us trying to look like we're fighting with each other hehe. But yesterday was yet another cui together day, where we were rolling and struggling with each other on the floor. It was pretty tough, I had to remember what to do while trying to resist her at the same time.

I was supposed to go with her to Muay Thai after Jujitsu, but in the end I ran off. So she did 3hrs of exercise while I only did one. I shall try to keep my promise next time! x: But I was really tired out after all the rolling yesterday.

Me and Belle watched her friend (which she forgot his name) eat lunch after my bath and he thinks {rolls eyes} is a mistaken statement because there is a lack of agreement, and he thinks service is free labour and apparently he frowns when he laughs? So weird. The weirdest thing was, he was at PoMo because he wanted to 画人潮 o.o

After Belle was done I went back to Evolve to find her, and we were both dressed in traditional tops for our first steamboat of 2013 at Erwin's house! The rest of them weren't dressed for the occasion GRRR.

During steamboat, we talked a lot of nonsense. For example, I told them the dates I brought from Egypt were the second best in the world. So Wilson said, the best dates in the world must be hot dates x)

Bryan made pineapple tarts which had nice 酥, the pineapple filling itself was just okay. I ate three bowls of rice and I was actually still able to eat more (and they wanted to feed me more), but I decided I needed some 矜持 /: Sheng Kang's face went totally red from a few mouths of red wine O: we kept telling him he was drunk but he denied it. Proves that he is really drunk.

Then we played Black Jack. Poor Sheng Kang's face was super easy to read, and he doesn't know how to 作庄, he ended up losing more than $10 when we were playing with about $0.10 / $0.20 per round ._.

And Deryk and Wilson were telling me where to go in 西门町 for awesome food! We even drew it out on the map Deryk gave me. And Deryk said he bought the limited edition 周杰伦 album for about NTD400 I am so jealous I am going to buy it too >.< I think I must prepare a lot of money for albums. I better start writing my shopping list for tw alr hehe. And cos I didn't want to tell them when we're going, Deryk wants to camp at the airport to see us off! XP