Air Rifle Shoot :D

Yesterday before driving I went to visit Coach Alicia at her workplace. She's teaching air weapons. She was guiding a group of little kids, and I wondered what did they think of her hair hahaha.

The RV kids practicing at the range wore really cool attire I feel like learning air weapons so I get to wear that kind of attire too >.<

Then I was told I could go play with the guns too. It's $10 for a walk-in game. I borrowed an air rifle, which cos I was too busy shooting I forgot to shoot a picture of the gun itself. It was a pretty wooden gun with a red metal pipe. I think it looked so much better than the ACJC blues ones heh.

I was standing at Lane 3;

The gun was a little heavy, but I think my muscles became stronger after all the rolling on the ground I did these few weeks.

And also, I THINK I'M A NATURAL AT THIS! My first try at the air rifle and got everything into the black circle ^____^

My last few bullets were getting so close to the bull's-eye I felt sad that I didn't have one more bullet to hit seal it in D: but then Alicia told me that I was using an air pistol card so actually not counted /:

Special thanks to the uncle that showed me how to use the rifle! ^___^