Back to Reality

Because my cui results missed my Warwick conditional offer by one grade, I decided to go see SMU Open House with Huijun and Christine today. And NTU next week, and NUS next next week.

For while we were there, we attended three talks, the admissions talk, the business talk and the social sciences talk. The admissions talk and the business talk were just a waste of time. The speakers were not interesting and there really wasn't too much their school was offering. The overseas exchanges and internships sound like something DHS has alr provided us with. I would not call it a waste of time if they were providing concrete information, except that the Prof from the social sciences talk managed to say all that the two other talks had to say and even more about the course specifically. The business talk was super general, it was more about the entire university itself, which I had alr heard during the admissions talk. Nothing new to add about the business course in particular. From what I've heard, I would pick social sciences as my first choice in SMU even though most people tell me business is the more popular course there. I think I would learn much more in social sciences. This is not withstanding the fact that I've alr decided that I would like to do political science in uni.

Then we went walking around and had dinner at a super value for money pizza place at Orchard Central. The pizza slice was bigger than expected and the meal with drink was only $6! ^___^

Then we decided to go Abercrombie and Fitch because we've never gone to the Singapore outlet before. In there, we decided that A&F SG is promoting slavery and prostitution. The whole place was so dark with spotlights and music it was just like a club. The layout was not very shopper-friendly, especially not with the mirrors and the not too good display of items in the lighting that would not at all flattering. And the ladies were serving the male section and the guys were serving the female section. Weird or what! And there were no half-naked guys. Huijun asked how does anyone buy anything in there, and I said that people are buying a brand, not buying items, so they don't have to choose so carefully. The outlets in the US of A and Japan were so much better. Better lighting and better furniture + deco + layout. Luckily me and Amanda bought stuff the last time we were in the States, or else we might not own any A&F stuff if we were to shop in the Singapore outlet. Anw, Christine said {shady} is a really apt way to describe the place because it's a pun! Haha. Besides it being all dark inside and out, the front deco was of shades (blinds). We were so glad to be out of the place. I don't think we even spent 15mins in there.

The current holiday plan after looking at Greece, Switzerland, Christmas Island, Bali, Seychelles, Maldives, Beijing and what else I cannot remember alr is currently either Korea on tour or Australia free and easy. We are really so picky. It was Greece until its economy collapsed. Beijing was too polluted. Bali's too dangerous. Idk what all other reasons we had for not going to the rest of the places but I hope we make up our mind soon. I think it's kind of decided that we should go in May after all the uni applications and stuff are over, and before school starts. I really truly sincerely hope that this will pull through (: