Busy Being Jobless

This is not some sarcastic title or anything. I guess most people alr know that since the end of A-levels I have not been trying to find a job, and neither do I have one. For those people who actually have jobs, I respect their decision because having a job is important to them, regardless if it is for the money or for the experience. I do not have a job because I feel that I have more important things to do, and not that I have nothing to do at all. In fact, I wake up before 9am on most days just to complete the stuff I have set out to do. I think my life now is really fulfilling, and maybe even more so than those who have a job. Except for Al's job which is three days a week, from 4pm - 9pm.

I do understand that being without a job means I have a more flexible schedule, and that I should sometimes give in to those with their tighter schedules. But there are some things that just do not fall into the category of being able to change at will. For example, if I alr have a date with someone else with an equally tight schedule. For example, my dental appointments. Maybe I visit the dentist too often. But I have to make my monthly, and sometimes even biweekly, trips down in preparation for my jaw surgery. This, to me, is much more important than getting a job or attending gatherings or giving my time to someone. Even if I was just having some annual cleanup and teeth checkup, I am also unable to change my appointment at my whims and fancies because the dentist has a schedule to keep as well.

I am alr trying to make concessions wherever I can. But there are some appointments in my schedule which are fixed and cannot be changed.

I certainly hope some people learn to understand that being jobless does not simply equate to me being very free and available for them all the time. I can be a phone call away, for people who are important enough. But for you, I just want to say that I have my own life to lead as well. Try manipulating my schedule or telling me how I should arrange my time again and I wouldn't even consider putting you in it. GRRR >.<