After the exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum, me and Belle went for our Easter Delights Part 2 at MBS, at a store called Au Chocolat. We ordered a box of 9 to share with Deryk as well;

The pralines that we had included rochers, truffles, and had toppings like dried fruits, pistachios, almonds, etc. The chocolates were really not bad. Matches up to the price we paid for them. The milk chocolates were nice, but the white ones were only so-so. The truffles were good :D dark chocolates were dark enough for me, though I think not for Belle. I guess it should be around 65% - 70%, which is the way I like it, but Belle likes 99% so this might have been too little for her.

Maybe this does not seem Easter enough. But that's actually not the Easter part. The Easter part are the other chocolates we did not order;
These are all chocolates! The chicks, the eggs, the flowers are all chocolate sculptures! O.O then Deryk was wondering what they do with the chocolates after Easter and they cannot display them anymore, I said I will come down to help them clear it into my stomach hehehe.

Because of the chocolate display items, the whole shop was reeking with the smell of chocolates it was awesome! ^____________^