Half a Month of Taiwan

In 2011, the Princess and the Queen had a plan to go overseas together, to spend some 母女情深 time together. 经过许多风风雨雨, we finally packed our luggage and arrived at the world-class Singapore Changi Airport. Then we boarded the plane towards our 台湾之旅!

For almost a year, many people had been asking us what happened to the tw trip we were planning for post-PW. And I'll just reply {还要去啊}. Then the conversation ends. But when Ade asked again in September, and I told her {当然要去! 连机票都买了}, her first reaction was {HUH? 你们真的买机票了?}. Yao Xing went {终于啊终于!} super loudly. What is this. Did they all think we were empty talk?

For this really difficult-to-realise trip to happen, I would like to thank the following people;
Jiawei for being enthu about this from the beginning, and for not giving up on our dream despite the entire year of 落空, and for planning this together, and for being my company on this trip.
My parents and her parents for the financial support.
Wu Ai and her mom for hosting us at their house, and for bringing us around 台中 and 垦丁, and recommending the hotel, and for answering whatever questions we have. Thank you for being so excited to see us in tw!
Deryk for going to recce Taipei before us, and telling us all the must-sees and must-dos and must-eats, and for wanting to camp overnight at the airport to see us off, and for all the reminders about {记得要小心}, {记得多喝水}, {记得要带 lip balm and moisturiser}. And most importantly, for believing this trip would happen right from the very start.
The Heartware leaders who have been supportive of these two 小妹妹 and their crazy idea of going on a trip alone at the age of 17 (and now to be 19), and for sharing tw tips (especially Wilson) and being with us all the way.

I specially mention Deryk cos he went with me to 罗志祥's 舞极限 concert tonight to make up for my not seeing any stars in tw and to get away from the trauma of results D: yes, I am so 现实. Be my company and I'll special mention you heh. The concert was awesome ♥ ♥ ♥ especially 罗志祥 so cute and he has such a sense of humour! And also all the glitches that happened. This is the first concert that I have watched that the sound system went wrong. But then it just goes to show that he sings live, and not just lip-syncing. And the lighting was great, so was the stage design. I think I became a bigger fan after my first of his concert alr. I'll be sure to watch the next one when he comes to Singapore again! ♥

Back to tw. On the first day me and jw had a 艳遇 with a cute guy who walked us to our hotel :D too bad we did not take a photo with him or ask him for fb or something like that >.< But then after that there were no more 艳遇s for the rest of the trip ): overall, Taiwanese are super friendly! ^___^

And to be as nice as everyone else around us, we were very helpful in not disturbing the people to help us take pics because we have my zilian tripod! We took all the following pictures with the help of the tripod;
Artistic right! With good angles somemore. Although this has for the most part got to do with my photography skills, but I still think everyone should invest in a zilian tripod.

Part of our trip included all modes of transports. We took the plane, public and shuttle buses, the metro, the steam engine, hitched a ride, took a cab, sat in a car, went on a boat and even on floats pulled by a water-motorbike in the sea. We also cycled around Taipei City on rented bicycles. I was learning to cycle on a main road O: my heart almost fell out of my mouth I didn't think I would survive omg. The only one we missed out was the cable car because it was under maintenance the day we went /: But in exchange, we had a taxi ride with a cab driver who was super helpful in guiding us to an awesome dinner!

Even though we didn't see any stars on our 追星之旅, but we went to many filming spots! :D For example the Mirama Entertainment Park Ferris Wheel which seems to appear at least once in all the tw dramas either as backdrop or as a spot for the leads to take a romantic ride for a date;

We went to 九份老街 which is where 宫崎骏 used as a setting for one of his manga series;

We went to 龙山 to see the place where 艋胛 was filmed;

And we even stayed in Wu Ai's house where 原来爱就是甜蜜 was filmed!

We did a lot of fun fun things like the Doraemon exhibition and 心之芳庭. Our itinerary which seemed sparse to most who looked through it ended up enough to last, and was also flexible enough to adjust to our whims and fancies without missing out on too much. In fact, we visited all the places which are part of tour groups' itineraries in Taipei, and even more! I think we're such great trip planners \(^_^)/

Twelve days in tw passed so quick, it did not even feel like I spent so long there! Twelve days should be longer D: And I shouldn't have come back to take my cui results >.<