I Need Answers

Can someone please enlighten me on what use is of a spork? Or for that matter one of those pocket knifes which flip open to find a fork, spoon and knife all-in-one? Cos idk how it is possible to use two of those utensils at once, and if I want to only use a spoon, I can just use a spoon. No need for a spork.

I've got another more philosophical question. The people part of a certain chat group should know where this comes from.

Fact is, almost everyone knows the 'secret', except that we all pretend it is a secret, and try to hide it from each other. There are, of course, a minority who really don't know anything. But no one knows who knows and does not know. And even if I know who knows, I don't know how much that person knows. Scary isn't it? Like what is everyone else hiding from me? What if I'm the last to find out?

But actually, it doesn't matter. I mean, the stuff I'm talking about is no big deal. It's going to be an open topic which is free to question from the end of this week on in any case. Except the 三国演义 part. Which I don't think will even happen so it's totally unimportant. I think it's just D being paranoid. Let's just hope that from now on til the end of the week we all really can keep it a secret and stop leaking information, ya? I don't really want to know what you all know alr.