Naked and Homeless?

If a turtle lost its shell, is it naked or homeless, or both?
I just chanced upon this question somewhere on this thing called the Internet, which number of citizens would soon outnumber that of China, and which would have the most patriotic citizens ever. Yep, netizens can influence the largest of countries, and can cause uproars. But how come no one has yet to answer the question above? What happened to the "no question is ever too stupid" concept? Or is the question too smart alr?

I think it must be too smart alr, cos I could answer the {Should cows wear bras?} question without thinking at all. This one is a bit too tough ._. If you have never heard my {Should cows wear bras?} stories you should ask me to tell you okay. It's really one of my extremely geniustic moments ^____^

When I first read the turtle question, I felt sad for the turtle. He just lost one thing, but it seems like he lost everything D: I'm still trying to think of something that if it goes missing, I might kill myself for it. My phone might be one, but then again, I backup the phone on iCloud. But the poor turtle, where did he keep his spare shell?

Then I suddenly remembered about the cute tortoise that appeared in my nursery stories. Franklin was his name. He had a roof over his head, and he could take off his shell anytime he wanted to, because he had many more shells to change in to anw. So losing just one shell does not mean he is homeless and naked.

Then again, animals don't wear clothes. And turtles are animals which swim from continent to continent, like they 四海为家. So there is never a fear of being naked since they wore nothing to begin with, and no fear of being homeless because everywhere is their home.

Then the reason I stopped thinking, was because I started to wonder what turtles would look like without their shells. And then I remembered their intestines would be exposed. To imagine their exposed intestines swimming in the sea like a blob of fats waddling in water was a little too much for me so I decided to stop thinking /: I think a little too much thought went into this.

So if anyone finds an answer to this question, please let me know ya!