Recruitment for leaders and vols has finally opened! :D I've been trying to push for this since two Fridays ago but it only opened yesterday /: but nonetheless, it happened! ^____^ You have no idea my joy over its opening! ^___^

Snce it has opened, I would like to shout out to youths aged 15 to 27 to please sign up at It really will be a good experience! I'm sure everyone can tell that it is an awesome place to be from the number of people returning to serve under Heartware each year.

If you are still not sure if you would like to commit, you may go click {MAYBE} on our fb event page. I'm sure with our weekly buzz we'll be able to excite everyone into coming! So do look out for the buzzes (: and also, we'll be having an event at *SCAPE this Saturday, at the YOUth GOT HEART event organised by Raffles Institution. Come down and talk to us and maybe even sign up on the spot x)

And also, I'm YPC this year! Trying it out for the first time but I feel like I want to be a leader again alr /: See that just shows how much fun it is to be a leader right! So please everyone go sign up to be a leader! :D Or be a vol also can. Both are really fun!

I hope to see lots of familiar faces! And new ones too! :D