I've been doing this project for a long time, something like three whole months (90% the time I was not working on it). It may seem easy and quick to do, but I made three letters okay! Another two more were for the Wu family who hosted us, so I kind of chiong like 99% of the work the night before I went to Taiwan;

Originally I wanted to do only the two letters as a gift, but when I got to Typo, they were selling the letters at one for $5.95 and three for $10 -.- so naturally if I wanted to buy two I bought three instead. So I decided to use the extra piece as a gift to myself, and also as a guinea pig for the actual pieces.


The colour theme I chose was yellow for the K and blue + green for the other two. I picked yellow for myself cos yellow is a happy colour! :D and blue + green because I thought they would like soothing colours, I hope. They are all pastel colours because I like soft colours a lot more. And I couldn't stare at it all day if the colours were too bright and uncomfortable for my eyes.

Overlay the letter with pretty paper;
I used a pencil to draw the outline so that in case I accidentally drew onto the wood I could erase it using an eraser.

Cut plain cardstock into the size it should stick out from the letter. I did 5mm but Amanda kind of changed the size for me so now it is extremely uneven, some are more equal than others;

Then just quill the paper and paste it onto the letter! This is finally the time when my totally useless circle template comes into good use (:

Waterproofing is just another layer of white glue, painting all the tiny corners along the insides to ensure the whole thing hardens up.

Yayee the end.