Sentosa On A Budget

Within 15hrs of our decision to go to Sentosa for a clique outing, we were on our way! I love the spontaneity of us ❤ next time we can have spontaneous outing again when Christine comes back (:

Me, Jiamin and Huijun were wearing tank tops together, not because we decided to wear it together, but because we all knew it was going to be a warm day. Amanda was the only one in tee cos she said she couldn't find her tank. But if she found it, we would all be wearing tank tops without planning for it! :D

After Amanda's breakfast at Macs while waiting for Jiamin, we were at the boardwalk to save $2 from the skytrain fare;
Cheapo much.

The first touristy photo we took was this;
It's of fake people faking building a Merlion statue o.o

Then view from the middle;
I really want to have a meal at the restaurant halfway through the boardwalk one day.

Then we went to the main point of the day, which was the Sentosa Nature Discovery;
After the walk, it wasn't the main point anymore. There weren't much animals nor plants to discover, but we discovered we were next to the roadside in a {jungle} trail. We could hear all the cars zooming by. And we discovered we're not too cut out for nature walks. Especially not hj since she was squirming about a bee.

Then we went to the free part of Underwater World;
Spot the tortoise.

There, we saw this peahen which was trying to play hard to get;
And then hj called out to the peacock to get a life x)

We took a bus back to Beach Station and after buying drinks and all, we climbed up to the Merlion Plaza;

Then was lunch at Bora Bora cafe, which the waiter kept asking us to wait because they were not yet open >.< But it was a worthwhile wait because they served great smoothies and pizza! :D
It was overall $13+ per person, so it was quite worth it, especially for the great taste and the venue in Sentosa. We said we should have Jiamin and Eu Jin's birthday there. And the $13 was the only money we spent in Sentosa :D

Then we went to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia at Palawan Beach;

Awesome view from the top!

After that, the beach;
This is hj's request to take the photo of the sand clouds she makes in the water ._.

And finally, the close encounters with an animal;
The monkey kept slapping hj's hand and refuse to climb onto her it's damn funny omg. But the monkey's hands felt like real human hands, just much much smaller, it's just like a baby's awww ❤