Dinner with the clique whom I have not seen in about two-and-a-half weeks! Love them to bits ♥

We chose Shashlik because of good reviews etc., but it turned out not as good as what we had expected. The ambiance was mostly like a normal restaurant, the deco as well. Though I was expecting a very Russian interior design, it was mostly like a normal food place, nothing too posh or unique about the layout. Nothing too Russian about the food too.

The first thing we did was to eat bread which Amanda totally fail by emptying her butter onto the entire bun /:

When we looked at the menu, we knew we had to order the shashlik, because that's the name of the restaurant, so we assumed that's their 招牌. In order of my preference, we had shashlik of beef, shashlik of chicken, shashlik of lamb and shashlik of pork;
The beef was absolutely holy, especially the medium rare was cooked to the correct level, despite it being a single piece of meat on the platter with no aesthetics to it at all. No wonder that's the one with a lot of recommendations. It's the most pricey too though, at $29 before GST and service charge. The pork, which was the second most expensive, was hard and tough. Not very worth it.

Now that I have arrived home, Nobelle just told us we had to eat their escargots T___T RAHHH. Should have asked her for recommendations before our dinner, and not regret it now ._.

Their soups were pretty good too, especially the Borsche;

The oyster soup tasted like oysters, 有一点腥味. And also because I don't like oysters to begin with, that really was not my kind of soup. The chicken consommé was not all that great, though the egg was cooked in a way I liked.

For desserts, we had Baked Alaska;
See the reflection of the blue flame on the side of the plate? That's the alcohol burning. The alcohol and the burnt cream which Christine thinks is meringue were not very suitable for our taste buds, but the cake and the ice-cream inside made up for it (:

This dinner was meant to be for the discussion for our holiday, which seems to now be Club Med in Bintan. But then again, we never make up our minds, so we shall see about that .___.

The clearer dinner photos;