Strictly Pancakes

I've seen hj for four out of the past five days alr. Friday was results, Sunday we went to SMU Open House, yesterday we went to crash some sociology lecture in NUS, and today was lunch at Strictly Pancakes;

We got a sofa place to seat under natural lights!

Jobless people hang out with other jobless people to pass time. Problem is, the number of jobless people is really limited, and my company is even more limited to a few people that I like. Even jw got a job now. She was supposed to be my 败家 for 8 months accomplice.

So anw, we were making the rest of the clique jealous by taking pictures of our lunch and sending it to the clique whatsapp group. Clique whatsapp is now called {Clique: UNI} after {Clique Melbourne, Aussie} and what else from before I cannot remember alr.

Our foooood;
The sausage and the scrambled egg was real good! I think they were better than the pancakes which were supposed to be the main point of the meal ._. Even though they are supposed to be famous for pancakes, I think it is the maple syrup which make them stand out. So in the end my pancakes were drenched in maple syrup.

The condiments tray;
Me and hj had one each! Not that there's anything exciting about that, but because the maple syrup cup stands at an angle, hj told me that {the maple syrup looks like the building in France!}. Obviously when I heard that I said {Eiffel Tower does not look like that} and she told me she was referring to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I thought me messing up Monaco and Madrid was bad enough, this is even worse -.-

The overall meal price was okay. About $15 for me who drank iced latte and $13 for hj who had canned iced lemon tea. We should have waited for the whole clique to come so we could try out more dishes. But it's okay! We still have many more places we need to visit (: