Thankful for Everything (:

I feel really blessed for all that's been happening in my life currently even with this fever going on. Of course, uni applications are still very much of a bother, but I guess it'll all work out fine because of all the people chipping in and helping me out with everything, even aside of applications (:

Also, for since I came back from tw I've been meeting really awesome people whom I've not seen in quite a while. I'm happy that even after so long, we still have much to say to each other and it doesn't really end with awkward silences.

Wednesday, I met with Alicia for lunch before driving. And the day before that I met 6/3 for dinner. I hope later I feel fine to go for dinner with clique. I know I've only not seen the clique in two weeks, but I'm alr missing them! They are people that I miss even after a short while. Maybe cos I'm too used to seeing them so often.

Meeting Alicia means I finally got to see her outrageous hair, which was bundled up ): but I still could see the pink and caramel heh. And her bike! I'm sooo amazed it even moves faster than a human walking. To describe the wheels as small would be an understatement.

6/3 is still as wonderful as ever. I think it speaks volumes that we should still want to see each other after so long. And Yushan even turned up after her netball match ended around 9.30pm, though I had left alr by the time she came.

I'm also less dreading going to Evolve, which idk if it is because of the people, or the getting used to going there, or that I am now more fit. Either way, I think it's a good thing (:

Two days ago, after Evolve, me and Belle had a 奇遇. This guy wanted to pass time so he just randomly started talking to us. And when he needed to leave, he just left. I was stunned, but it was entertaining ^_^ talking to strangers must really be my forte haha.

Finally, ND13 YPC;
I was quite unsure if I really wanted to do this at first, but I think after the BBQ we became more bonded and all, I think it'll be an experience! :D anw I alr know some people who will be coming back as leaders, some as logs and someone as a volunteer to purposely make herself awkward.