Three-in-One Exhibitions

This morning didn't take off too well, with me being upset with someone. But then after that I was reminded of the reason I volunteer, and then the passion in me was reignited, and I felt much much better. I really think volunteerism is an awesome thing, everyone should find the area they are passionate about and work with the sector, regardless or not they are trained in it, and then they will realise how exponential their learning curve can be, and how much fun they can get out of doing something they love. Some people can't find joy in volunteering, but that's only because they limit their idea of volunteerism only to the old folks homes or the orphanages. It's actually much broader than that. Even being a volunteer at NParks is volunteerism to care for our environment (:

And they will also meet really great people, whom they will go out together with. Like this afternoon I went out with Belle and Deryk to the ArtScience Museum to see the Gucci Exhibition that only lasts today and tmr. But in the end, the Gucci Exhibition ended up the 次点, the 重点 became The Art of Brick Exhibition.

I think this really sums up all I want to say about The Art of Brick Exhibition.

The Random Blends 2013 Exhibition was the first thing we visited. I would think as a showcase it would have been pretty good alone, but because it was overshadowed by the other two exhibitions our ticket allowed us to see, it was a pity.

But still, kudos to the NM kids. I would like to have the Fridge Items Demarcation App, if it ever comes out;

Then we went to The Art of Brick exhibition which was really amazing!
I am sooo impressed by that guy. He makes Lego seem like the most interesting toy ever. Me and Belle said that if that guy works in Legoland, we'll be sure to visit. I haven't been to Legoland, so ya.

Some of his works which I really liked;

3D raindrops! They were really round for Lego bricks ._.

Peace Sign. My photo's blurry but it is very pretty! =^_^=

The floor tiles, the table, the shelves, the fruits, the drawing and the easel are all small pieces of Lego set together. I really think he has a good eye for colours and great imagination :D

There were many portraits made of Lego bricks, just like this one.

The pencil is taller than me, so that says a lot about it's height. And it is able to stand alone and balance without falling over.

I have never thought the ArtScience Museum was very pretty until I saw this.

Foot reflexology on Lego. It's the perfect board to place in front of someone when you seriously wish that person to step on Lego and die. But I walked the whole thing and apparently it is not very painful. Stepping on a single Lego brick is worse. I think cos the pressure evens out when there are many.

This is a life-size fossil made of Lego O: See how small the person is sitting at the corner of the picture? The sculpture is sooo huge it is held to the ceiling with suspension cords. It can't even balance on its own.

I only posted those that I really liked. Cos if I were to post those that I liked as well, though not so much, I would end up just uploading my whole album and spamming photos >.<

And finally the Gucci exhibition which was the purpose of our visit;

The flowers are real ones. I went to touch and smell them;

My favourite dress;
Of course, I still like the 2000-carat diamond dress from the French designer more heh. That one shall be my wedding dress. This one can be the cocktail dress or something for another occasion.

Look at this Gucci symbol from way back in 1966;
I have to admit, Gucci is pretty consistent with its branding for the past 40 years.