I actually have lots of things to say. I could go on and on about clique at the Night Safari, about NDP YPC, about the daily happenings and mishappenings in my life... There are just so many things I lost track on where to start from! Only because I have been too busy and have started neglecting this space. But I'm determined to keep this space going, especially after my surgery, since I get to relax and chill out at home while life goes on without my presence. If not, all other days I am just doing work and work and work and then crash on my bed and die until I wake up to do work again.

When jw told me that if I joined YPC this year, I wouldn't get to travel, it never occurred to me how serious this whole "not travelling" thing is. I never thought that I would miss Amsterdam, Budapest, Croatia, Prague etc. WINSON WHY YOU NO TELL ME EARLIER D: I would just stop thinking about YPC and fly over to Europe to find you immediately. Luckily, I am tagging along with NUS French to France for a month, if not I would seriously be missing out too much on life.

But now that I really am part of the YPC, I have decided that I will not quit halfway. So Winson, stop trying to tempt me into going to Europe because there are those days which I seriously go online to look for a plane ticket /: But I know I will never book it no matter how cheap some tickets are. Because I have not enough guts to pull off a disappearing act. In a nicer way, I would say that I feel responsible as part of the YPC team. Seriously where to find someone as nice as me who would give up a free Europe tour to do NDP. Anyone else would quit YPC and fly to Europe straight okay.

Also, I have been feeling really blessed with awesome friends who have helped me through this pain and torturous turmoil recently. Blessed for the underground team, for those who are coming to visit me as I recover from my swollen face, for those who spend their evenings on long phone conversations with me. Blessed for no memory loss. Blessed for those who care, for those who listen, for the besties and blessed most importantly for the clique. When is our zoo outing btw? And jm's birthday?

That moment I woke up, I was so touched that I was alive I started crying. Even though my face was numb, and I couldn't look myself into the mirror, but still, it is all these little things that make life worthwhile (: