B&J's Free Cone Day :D

Yesterday was Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day! And we found out the first Free Cone Day was 34 years ago, celebrating the first anniversary of the ice-cream shop! ^___^ Originally, we were supposed to eat as many as until we were full, but then I ended up with 3 scoops only. That's the same number I had as last year even when last year we could only go after school and this year I had so much more time! >.<

Btw the cow mascot was super ugly omg I couldn't bear to look. The cow's face was completely flat. And it did not look at all like a cute cow. They should learn from the 酸甜 MV how to make cute cow costumes. Even though those did not have a face, but I LIKE. And the worst part was, the cow's face was completely black =.=

But the up side was the lunch at Slice, movie: 杨家将, and bitching session. It's almost impossible to imagine how one person can offend so many people he has never met, but here you go! There's one here if you'd like to know about that person. TEAM UNDERGROUND FTW :D
side note to the queen: you can forget about your 女婿 alr since no one wants to approve of him.

Look at the cute popcorn box :3 There's one more person behind the camera who can't show his face because of some reasons.

In any case, the movie was awesome! The slip of paper was so mind-boggling, but in the end we figured out anw. Now I feel like watching 杨家女将 HOWWW D: