19th :D

Today marks the start of the final year which I am still a 一字头女孩. A lot of people tell me it's a scary experience on the 20th birthday. So I wonder how I'm going to cope with it ._. I may feel sooo old that I need to die soon. But it's a little too early to start thinking about it now, so I shall enjoy being young! :D

Today is also the third year which I spend my birthday in Singapore. I know I'm Singaporean, but idk why birthdays were never a Singapore thing up until 2011. But I still am unable to accept the fact of people being able to find me on my birthday cos I'm in Singapore, so I go on a disappearing act. I deactivated my fb for today. And I only check my phone something like once an hour. Or even less than that. And then after reading the messages I may choose not to reply. But fact is, all I am doing is sitting at home =.=

I really like birthday parties and birthday surprises, and I don't mind if someone wants to celebrate my birthday for me, but it cannot be on the birthday itself. Don't ask why. It's just a pet peeve. Though the weirdest thing is that I love to celebrate others' birthday on the day itself haha. I think I was never paying attention in class when the teacher taught {己所不欲 勿施于人} >.<

And no matter how much I don't want to be found on my birthday, I really appreciate all those who remember my birthday ^___^ thank you all for the birthday wishes~

lots of love from me ❤❤❤