Arrived in Montpellier

YEPPP! ^___^ I'm typing this at the house of my host now. I am so glad I am given such a lovely host. She has been really helpful with the directions and hospitality and all. A nice perk after a sleepy afternoon on the train.

This afternoon my host brought me out to walk the town centre. I got a tram card for use for the rest of my stay. She showed me the malls and while we were in the square, there was a live band with an open area where anyone could just jump in and dance;

It was so amazing how everyone could be dancing something different, but of the same style of dance to match the music. And after a song, people would change partners so it was also sort of a socialising session too. I had a lot of fun watching! :D

For more info on our arrival day in Paris (19 June 2013), please refer to belle's post.